Stucco Repair


Damaged Stucco

On many homes stucco walls run into the ground. Stucco wicks moisture out of the ground and the bottom of the walls eventually deteriorate.

Dashman must remove any soft, flaky, peeling or bubbling areas before patching.

If your stucco has been damaged due to remodeling or repair work Dashman can fix that too. Gaps around new doors and windows, holes made by other contractors, removal of doggy doors, etc. will need new wire lath installed on the framing and tied in properly to existing lath. Then scratch and brown coats are applied to build the wall followed by the color finish.

While it is difficult to match existing colors on connecting surfaces, the Dashman can make recommendations on the best way to accomplish this.

Paint vs. Plaster

It is a myth that a painted house cannot be dashed.

The benefits of stucco above paint are most substantial when a home has lots of damage and cracks. Because stucco is a cement product it has more body to cover repairs and cracks.




What Is Dash?

Dash is a term when exterior stucco is shot on a wall with a gun. Exterior Stucco is a traditional cement based color coat designed to be applied over any properly prepared cement based substrate providing a lasting and durable color finish.

Redashing Your Home

Repair and dash of many homes can be done in one day. Dashman makes repairs to damaged stucco, pulls dirt from base of walls and covers/protects all non-stucco areas. A bonding agent is applied as necessary followed by two light coats of exterior stucco (a texture can be applied at this time). All cover material is removed, yard is cleaned and Dashman gets paid. Stucco is normally dry by days end.

After Redash

We recommend homeowners check for moisture. Sprinklers should never spray stucco or leave puddles at base of walls.

Care should be used when watering so dirt is not splashed on stucco. Keep wood, garbage cans, bikes, etc. from hitting walls. Rain gutters in good condition will keep stains to a minimum and escort water away from walls.

Average life of dash is approximately 10 years, many will last longer and a few will deteriorate sooner. A plasterer cannot change the way the home was built or the environment it sits in.


Crack Repair


Cracks are normal in stucco. All cement products can crack due to movement, stress and temperature change. Dash will cover/fill stucco cracks and in most cases they will not return. However, a plasterer should never guarantee that cracks will not return as he has no control over the original framing, lath, environment and other factors.

Dashman’s many years of experience have taught him some tricks when dealing with stubborn cracks.

We recommend homeowners never try to patch cracks themselves as they tend to show through both stucco and paint.


New Windows


Most new windows are retrofitted, meaning they are made to fit into the original opening. We can dash before or after installation but think it makes a nice finish when the flange and sealant on the new window lay flat on the new stucco.

If any windows will need to be patched around, the dash must be done after installation of windows.


Wood Siding


Tired of painting that dried out wood? Dashman can lath and plaster over it. This work is done about a week prior to dashing and can really change the look of your home and reduce maintenance.




We are fortunate to have two stucco manufacturers in Fresno. Each plant displays over 20 colors on their chart and keeps those colors in stock. Customers must keep in mind that it is normal for these colors to vary slightly from the chart.

Stucco colors are very deep while wet during application and dry to the color you chose.


Some customer may prefer a texture to a dash finish. After the walls are dashed the crew uses their hand tools and goes around the house again to apply a texture. Sometimes called a skip trowel, Spanish lace or knock-down.

Matching Finishes

Sometimes it is necessary to match existing finishes. Dashman can make a block wall, BBQ corral, retaining wall, outdoor kitchen, new shed, etc. look very much like your existing stucco.



Don Williams is the Dashman. A Fresno native, he learned to plaster as a teenager and then spent many years as a journeyman plasterer in the union learning all aspects of the trade. In the 1990s he began on his own repairing plaster and stucco, color coating houses, lath/plastering, new construction and perfecting exterior redash. The Dashman was born. As a family business, wife Carole, supplies prospective customers with information over the phone prior to Don’s estimate.

Dashman is licensed, bonded and insured. You might find recommendations on Angies’s List or from local stucco plants.

Dashman is also available for interior plaster, room additions, smooth finishes and installation of weep screed.

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